The Pajama Warmer is an attractive temperature controlled electric warming fleece bag that heats pajamas or any items placed inside it in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

The Pajama Warmer is the perfect unique gift idea, and is an especially thoughtful gift for the person who is always cold, especially popular as a Birthday, Holiday, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gift.

Of course the Pajama Warmer is excellent for warming pajamas, but it can also be used to warm bath towels, blankets, socks, lingerie, massage oils and lotions, gloves, hats and more.  They can even warm plates and bread starter in the kitchen. The items that can be warmed in a Pajama Warmer are only limited by your imagination… and the size of the item.

With a Pajama Warmer “pajamas never felt so good”!




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